Tons of tires on fire on Greenwood Street, Salford


Two fire engines attended a big fire in Salford last night

The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service received a call at 9:02pm about a fire on Greenwood Street. The firefighters arrived promptly 4 minutes later and started tackling the fire.

Kellie Gillaspy – Senior Communications Officer for GMFRS, said

Tires near Cobden Street

that it was estimated there had been about eight tons of tires dumped in the derelict area.

George Langworthy of Cobden Street, who reported the accident, said: “I live nearby and I have seen huge amounts of tires at this very place”.

Ms Gillaspy said: “Two fire engines were needed – from Agecroft and Salford fire stations, and firefighters used jets and a hose reel”.

Mr Langworthy added: “This same spot was burning a year ago and this February there was a huge fire involving a large amount of fire brigade services to tackle a derelict building in the same area.”

GMFRS confirmed no people were harmed in the incident last night.

Unattended rubbish might have caused the fire

Mr Langworthy believes that industrial units and car garages that surround the area dump or leave unattended rubbish or flammable materials which might have caused the fire.

Workers from different motor services in the area said they know about the problem with tires but have no information who is responsible.

An employee of I & G Cohen Ltd, a company for textile waste on Greenwood Street, said: “Kids often come to play here and probably, you know, they set them on fire just for fun”.

Witnesses, who would like to stay anonymous, said litter has been set on small fires repeatedly in the yard of the company. Representatives declined to comment if there is any relation.

Mr Langworthy believes “reckless” business owners who do not dispose of their rubbish properly cause a hazard to the public and should be fined by local authorities.

“When there is fire there is trouble. I live down the road and I am worried because I have witnessed how quickly fire spreads and my building is within that close proximity of the danger zone.”

The thick clouds of smoke disappeared around 10pm.


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