Thousands team up to raise money for Cancer Research UK at Manchester Winter Run at Etihad Campus


3000 enthusiasts beat the cold and took part in the first Cancer Research UK Winter Run in Manchester.

The event follows the great turnaround at the London Winter Run last year which inspired the organisers from Cancer Research UK teamed up with Human Race and Nuffield Health to add more locations such as Manchester and Liverpool.

The marathon welcomed runners of all ages and abilities to try and cross the finish line at either 10km, 5km or 2.5km at Etihad Campus with all the money from the entry fees going for researches to beat cancer.

Many runners like Scott Robertson, 19, not only gave their best in the run but had also been fundraising for the cause.  Mr Robertson felt inspired to participate after his grandmother died from lung cancer last year.

He said: “Ever since she died I’ve always wanted to raise money for cancer research as it’s an amazing cause and also because I want to be part of the reason why this terrible disease gets beaten sooner.

“The way I look at it, every penny counts. I hope my gran is proud of me.”

Angela Kukuc, 39, from Halifax, who suffers from bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia, has found that running has helped her both physically and mentally.

She said: “I decided to celebrate my 40th birthday this April and my new found health by completing a total of 40km of runs, each for a different charity, and the Manchester Winter Run is the first one.

“I still have bad days and I know that my diseases will always be there, but I have turned a corner and I fight the battle rather than give in. If I can help organisations that have helped me then that’s all the inspiration I need.”

Clive Sanders, Head of Events at Cancer Research UK said: “Every day, around 110 people in the North West are diagnosed with cancer, so hosting the Winter Run in Manchester has been a great opportunity to raise much – needed funds and help give cancer the cold shoulder.”

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