Road closure after street collapses into huge sinkhole

Listen to my radio package about the sinkhole in the Heaton Park area:


Road closure after street collapses into huge sinkhole


A massive sinkhole caused Heywood Road in the Heaton Park area to be closed early this morning.

Sinkhole on Heywood Road
Sinkhole on Heywood Road

The six – metre wide and two – feet deep hole has been cordoned off while United Utilities are still investigating what caused it.

A representative at the scene, just off Bury Old Road, said: “We are not entirely sure what caused the road to collapse – we are still investigating whether it’s linked to a sewer.

“The road is likely to be closed for drivers and pedestrians in both directions for about two weeks.”

The sinkhole was reported by GMP in the early hours and more than 20 residents in the area are reported to be affected. Locals have been asked to removed their vehicles off the road.

A local lady said this will definitely disturb her morning commute to work. She said: “I pick up disabled kids from school with a minivan and this afternoon we’re probably going to have to avoid the area.

“We usually come down Bury Old Road, but today we’ll have to use the new road. The traffic will divert anyway, so whichever way we go, we’ll be stuck there for a while and it will cause a big disruption for people in the area”, she added.

Engineers arrived at the scene earlier this morning with a pump and a crane, after cordoning off the sinkhole for the next couple of weeks.

Road closed

GMP Whitefield tweeted to warn drivers: “Road Closure – Give Heywood Rd Prestwich by Gilmore Dr a miss for the next week or so. Big sinkhole one of our Night Sgts is looking into”.

This is the third sinkhole to appear in the Greater Manchester area and cause roads to be closed this year, after collapses in the Northern Quarter in April and on the Mancunian way in July.